Understanding the “this” Keyword in JavaScript

“this” keyword is one feature in JavaScript that all greek to newbie JavaScript developers. The reason for that is thisin javascript acts a little bit different when comparing to other programming languages. From this article let’s get a closer look into the behavior of the this keyword. First of all, let’s understand what is this.

What is “this”?

In simple terms, we can say that this refers to the object that is executing the current function. Even though the definition sounds very simple, there are different scenarios that the value of this keyword assigned differently. Let’s take a look at each scenario, separately so that will help you to understand this more easily. Following are the topics that are covered in this article

Regular functions and “this” keyword

In regular function calls, this always refers to the global object. A global object is an object that always exists in the global scope. In browsers, this global object is known as a window object. Since testFunction is a regular function Line A will prints true on the console.

Function constructors and this keyword

As in Line B , if we invoked the function with the new keyword, then the function acts as a constructor function and it will return a new object. So thatthis will refer to the newly created object. Following console outputs will help you to understand this scenario properly.

The output of Line A :

The output of Line B :

Object, methods, and this keyword

When a method invoked, this keyword will simply refer to the object, where that method belongs to. If we consider the above code example, “this” in checkThis method of john object is referring to the jhon object.

Let's do a small modification to the above code.

According to the previous explanation this inside methods refer to the same object where the method belongs to. But if you run the above code, you will see that Lina A is printing false to the console. The reason behind this behavior is when someone invoked the checkThis method of jhon object, it will do a regular function call print() inside the method. We know that when there is a regular function call, this referring to the window object.

Call and Apply methods

Everything in JavaScript is objects, even functions are objects. So there are three methods in javascript functions, which known as call , apply and bind . These methods allow us to handle the value of this manually. Let’s understand the use of the call method by referring to the following code.

output :

The first argument of the call method is assigned as the this object for that particular function. In Line A we are passing tharind as the first argument of Person.displayDetails.call() method, so that tharindu object will be assigned as the this in displayDetails function. That is the reason that we are having the above output. The only difference between the call and apply method is , that apply method is accepting an array of arguments as the second parameter.

Bind method

The bind method will return a new function and the this object of new function will refer to the first argument of bind method.

output :

Ok, that is all about this . If this article did help you to clarify “this”, please feel free to share this with your friends.

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